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What is microblading?
Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure created to mimic hair like strokes in the brows. Using a hand tool and a small blade, small cuts are made to resemble hair strokes and are then filled with pigment. Once healed, it will leave natural hair strokes in your brows to provide definition, fill in gaps, and give the illusion of overall fuller brows.
Can I get microblading over an old tattoo?
How long does it last?
Factors that affect microblading:
How often will I need to come in?
How do you choose the color?
Will my brow tattoo turn different colors?
How do I prepare for my procedure?
What can I expect after my procedure?
Will it hurt?
Everyones level of discomfort is different, I have clients who don't feel a thing while others are a little bit more uncomfortable. I use TWO topical lidocaine based numbing creams throughout the procedure to numb the brow area and minimize discomfort. Halfway through, I promise you will not feel a thing!
You CANNOT get microblading if:
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It is possible to remove Red eyebrows colour?
How many procedures are needed to completely remove the pigment?
Is it possible to remove pigment migration?
Are there any scars after the procedure?
What we can remove by PhiRemoval?
What are the advantages of PhiRemoval?
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